NEW dinFAST - Direct Injection Nebulizer System for ICP and ICPMS

A new system comprised of a platinum direct injection nebulizer (DIN), continuously flowing gas displacement pump (C-GDP), injection valve, and autosampler is interfaced to an ICPMS. The SC-DIN system offers the practical benefits of fast washout for memory-prone elements, high stability, uniform analyte response, and full automation. Although the DIN is located inside the ICP torch proximate to the high temperature plasma, the thermally conductive Pt nebulizer remains cooler and more stable than conventional direct injection nebulizers, allowing a simpler fixed-capillary design and improving long-term stability. Sensitivity is equivalent to or better than conventional nebulizers.

The SC-DIN system provides many benefits, including:

  • Fast Washout
  • Excellent Long and Short-Term Stability
  • Optimal for Hg, B, Os

SC-DIN System Diagram
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